Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Martial News - new edition out today

The latest edition of Martial News is out today.

In the News this month :

Women and Children Flee MMA Riot
Cage Kombat
Aikido Dan Gradings
Ross Pearson
World Thai Boxing Championship
Judo local, national and international competitions
Karate kata champs
Jackie Chan
52 Blocks – born of the ghetto and US prisons
Youngest ever Jujitsu black belt
North of England Grapping Championship
We will also be featuring…
John Agar – Wing Chun part 3
Technique of the Month: Triangle Choke
Angling knife defences
Brian Ford – a life time in martial arts
We have also added new features such as four pages of the best International Martial Arts stories drawn from publications around the globe.
There is also a National News and Briefs feature on Story seven sketching out news from around the UK.

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Martial News.

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