Friday, 17 July 2009

Blog Writing Interview

Blog Writing Course Alumni

I recently did an interview for 'BlogWritingCourse' This is an online course based in the US to teach beginners the ins and outs of creating and running a blog. I am a past alumni of this course. The interview was about my experiences of blogging rather than martial arts but if you'd like to read it you can link to it from here: BlogWritingCourseInterview

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John W. Zimmer said...

Interesting. I wanted to figure out a way to make money online because my eBay store selling used books was not making too much money. Too much work for little $.

I discovered blogging by reading, "How to make money online with John Chow."

Writing was easy after getting my BSB/M & MBA degree on the ground campus of the University of Phoenix. Their modality included two papers a week (one team and on individual) as well as learning how to complete team projects.

Anyway this all prepared me to write easily and the blog seemed simple. I'm not getting rich (yet) but I am enjoying myself.

Thanks Sue for sharing how you got into blogging. I've not read your earlier work but your writing is very interesting now. :)

Sue C said...

Thanks John. I like reading your blog too. I'm not sure many people get rich from blogging - google adsense is not very generous! I think sponsorship or product reviews is a better way to make money but I just enoy the writing and communicating.

Anonymous said...

This is a good post — lots of think about blogging, and very useful. Thanks.

Sue C said...

You're welcome Sensei! Thanks for signing up as a follower.


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