Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Meanings of Shukokai Kata

I have been researching the meanings of the names of kata practised in Shukokai karate (SKU version). I managed to find the meanings of 20 out of 22 kata. I have written them in alphabetical order rather than the order the kata are learnt.

Annanku: Light From the South.

Bassai-Dai: Bassai means "To Extract or Remove an Obstruction, to block a passage way" Dai means "Major version".

Empi waza: Empi means "monkey elbow", waza means technique.
Jiin: Named after the Buddhist saint. "Temple" or "Temple of love and goodness.
Juroko-no kata: Simply means 16 steps

Kosokun Shiho: To view the sky in four directions.
Kururunfa: Forever stops, peaceful and tearing. Holding your ground.

Matsukaze: Wind flowing through the Pine trees.
Niseishi: 24 steps/techniques.

Pinan (5 katas): Way of Peace; literally “Great Peace”, sometimes translated as "Calm Mind” or “Peaceful Mind”.
Seienchin (possibly Saainchin): Lull in the storm, to control, suppress & pull.Seipai: Is the number 18 (3 X 6). The 3 represents good, bad & peace. The 6 represents colour, voice, taste, smell, touch and justice.
Shihozuki: Shihō can be translated as 'four directions', zuki means "punch"

Tomari-no bassai: Tomari version of the bassai kata.

Suparimpa. If you happen to know what this means I would love to hear from you.
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