Saturday 14 February 2015


I haven't posted to this blog for about 1 year now and felt that I shouldn't just leave without saying goodbye.

I have been busy training to be an artist (a childhood dream) and I have just set up a small creative business. This is why I haven't had time to write this blog.

However, I am still actively training in karate - it's business as usual in that respect - and I haven't lost any enthusiasm for the art. On the contrary, I am busy training towards my 3rd dan in about 18 months time. I still read any comments that are left on my posts and leave answers for most of them, so if my posts still interest you please keep reading them and I will reply.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported this blog over the 6 years I have been writing it - it has been fun communicating with you and I will still be popping over to read your blogs from time to time.

Best wishes


P.S If you are interested in seeing my art here's my new FaceBook site:

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Journeyman said...

Hi Sue,

I think it's fantastic you are pursuing a dream. Best of luck to you with that and with your continued success and journey in Karate. You were one of the first people to every leave a comment on my blog and one of the reasons I kept it going. I've enjoyed your posts and our subsequent discussions.

I respect that you've always had an open mind and a thirst for knowledge. I will definitely miss your blog but understand completely. I wish you and your family success and happiness in the future.

Journeyman said...
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Sue C said...

Thanks Journeyman. I really appreciate that. I hope you get back on the path with your own martial arts journey too :)

Charles James said...

Hi, Sue: Missed your posts and gonna miss them in the future. Congrats not the artistic endeavor. May you and yours have health, happiness and contentment in life. Yours in Martial Arts, Charles

Sue C said...

Thank you Charles. I've not disappeared completely, I'm still lurking around the martial arts blogosphere and you never know, I may make a comeback!

John W. Zimmer said...

Hi Sue! Enjoy your new journey in the arts. I'll miss the occasional conversation - debate as you are a very worthy opponent! :)

About not having anything to say? I never know what I'm going to write about before I sit down to do it because there is so much fodder to choose from. I often type karate in google news or pull from a recent personal experience some aspect of the MA's that deserve the light of day.

Enjoy your new ventures.

SenseiMattKlein said...

Hi Sue, good luck on your new journey. Your support over the years is appreciated. Like you, I have been busy with other things and have not written a blog post in months! I found it discouraging when I was getting more comments from spambots than actual people. But hopefully the passion will return! I will always value your comments on my blog and really enjoyed our discussions.

Michele said...

Best wishes on your new adventure! Thank you for sharing your martial arts journey. You will be missed!

Sue C said...

Thank you everyone for your good wishes, I really appreciate it. I'm still having a quick look on your blogs when I get time - so you may see the occasional comment from me from time to time. Best wishes. Sue

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Will said...


I hope this is not out of line but I would love to get your opinion of the value of kata.

If you have a minute free away from training :), I hope you could post your views about kata on this page -

Black Belt Wiki said...

I have enjoyed reading about your journey. I just wish more people would do it. Keep up the great work!

Sue C said...

Thank you for your kind words. Though I am no longer blogging I am still training very hard towards my 3rd dan. Maybe I will post again one day.

Felicia said...

Sue - just wanted to chime in to wish you the best with your art as well as your karate training. Congrats on your nidan grading and I'm sure sandman will go well for you, too.

Please stay in touch :-)

Sue C said...

Thanks Felicia. Good luck with your karate training too. I'm still around, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. You could always check out my facebook page. I've put the address at the bottom of the post....and I'm still lurking, reading your posts!


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