Monday, 1 June 2009

Go Ape

Here's some photos and video of our Go Ape session in Grizedale Forest last week. If you ever get the chance to do it and aren't afraid of heights - DO IT! It's great fun. You are fully harnessed and receive training on how to use the equipment and stay safe so it doesn't feel as scary as it looks.

The highest platform was about 75 ft above the forest floor

The cargo nets were definitely the hardest thing to climb

Me, all harnessed up!

If only it didn't keep moving when you stepped on it!

Attaching the safety ropes to the tree.
I was chanting the mantra 'long line loves the tree, short line loves the pulley' in my sleep!

There were several zip rides - this was the shortest one at the end:

And this was the longest one, but unfortunately I was holding the camera the wrong way round!

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