Monday, 3 September 2012

New things for Autumn...

Cala n Bosch beach,  Menorca
Just got back from holiday! We had a great time on the Island of Menorca. It was so nice to just relax with my family, read lots, swim lots, enjoy the sunshine and be pampered - by pampered I mean not have to do the cooking or cleaning myself!

It was also nice to be free of the computer for a week and guess what? I didn't miss it one iota! The only technological devices I had with me were my camera and my Kindle.

However, holiday now over it's time to think about what the Autumn will bring (hopefully less rain than the summer brought!) . Actually what I really meant was what new things have I got planned on the horizon...

Cala n Bosch harbour
On the martial arts side I will be steadily working towards my 2nd dan test which I hope to be ready to take next summer - however, I have much work to do to be up to 2nd dan standard so next summer is a loose target but it gives me something to aim for. Also, during the Autumn term I will be doing some more karate teaching in local schools. It looks like my instructor has lined up 3 local schools for me to go into and teach some karate. 

 old capital of Menorca
On the kobudo side my husband and I decided after much thought and soul searching to give this up. This was partly because of time commitment (we were missing too many lessons) and so progress was slow, but also because the style of kobudo we were learning did not fit well with the karate we are doing. However, I have learnt a lot from the lessons and I have gained a lot of confidence with breakfalling and throwing techniques. We had an excellent instructor but alas it did not gel well with the karate and this became more apparent the further we progressed with the syllabus. All is not lost though as our karate instructor is introducing some Okinawan style kobudo kata to us using the bo and tonfa - taught in a more traditional Okinawan way.

Ciutadella harbour at sunset
The other new thing that I am taking up this Autumn is Art and Design. I have been accepted onto a foundation Art and Design course at a local college which starts next week. I am really excited about this because painting, drawing and all things crafty were my absolute passion throughout my childhood and teenage years - it's what I thought I would do with my life. Unfortunately some ill-chosen words of a sixth-form tutor put paid to that and I went from drawing everyday to not drawing anything at all for at least 20 years such was my confidence dented...

Our hotel
Still, it's never to late is it? I've often thought about getting back into art over the years and enrolling on a course but then dismissed the idea again. This time I mean to do it! Perhaps it's my karate training that has made me more determined to do what I want to do and not put it off this time? 

Another beach!

I have so many ideas about what I want to paint, draw, sculpt, photo, whatever...mainly on a martial arts theme of course! It is such a broad topic - there is the obvious stuff like capturing the flowing movement of martial artists in action but there is also the more abstract stuff like capturing mental concepts of mushin or zanshin through a piece of art work - food for thought eh? Then there is so much metaphor in martial arts - journeys, bending of willows, flowing of water, overflowing cups - all material for art work I thinks. Then there's all the Japanese culture, religion, architecture and history to be inspired by.....I don't think I'll be short of ideas. I'll let you know how it goes - I may even start a new blog to chronicle my journey into the world of art and display some of my work...

Light house at Cala n Bosch
Well, these are the things I have planned for this Autumn - do you have anything special planned for the new season?

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Rick Matz said...

Years ago, I told the Mrs that I would like to take up painting. What I envisions was landscapes, still lifes and so on.

Instead I've been painting bedrooms, bathrooms,etc.

Sue C said...

Ha ha ha! Perhaps you should try painting murals?

The Strongest Karate said...

Time off is always a pleasure - glad to see you enjoyed yourself to the fullest.

This may be too large of a question for this forum, but I am interested to know what aspects of your former kobudo training did not mesh well with karate.

As for my plans? I think "Stay the course" sums it up: more karate training, weight training, plyo, stretching, etc.


Sue C said...

Hi Brett, the kobudo training I did was with a jujitsu club so it was very much jujitsu with weapons rather than karate with weapons. That's not to say that there's no cross-over, there is but it was mainly a case of learning lots of different techniques,like 5 different strangles with a tonfa or 5 different throws with the nunchaku. We weren't really taught how to hold and manipulate the weapons properly through the use of kata and all the stances were different. It was useful and good experience to train in a different system for a while - gives you a broader perspective but at the end of the day we have so much more karate to learn and the jujitsu stuff was just starting to get in the way - it was just too many different things to learn and practice for the time we have available.


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