Friday, 11 June 2010

Are we suffering from comment fatigue?

Is it just me or is there a bit of comment fatigue going on at the moment? I have noticed that several of the blogs that I read, as well as my own, are receiving fewer and fewer comments.

I am guilty of a bit of comment fatigue myself. I read all the blogs in my blog roll every time they post but I've noticed that I'm not getting around to leaving as many comments as I used to. A slap on the wrist for me!

The hit rate on my posts has climbed steadily over the last few months yet I receive fewer comments. Of course I may not be writing about things that you want to comment on - or even read!

However, I know that comments are important feedback for bloggers and we look forward to reading them. It's the interactive nature of blogs that sets them aside from static websites. Comments often challenge our preconceptions, gives us ideas for new posts, give us feedback on what kind of posts people like to read and just generally motivate us to continue blogging. Comments are the only way we know that people are reading our blogs.

If you are a lurker (read blogs but never comment) then why not come out and leave a comment on your favourite blogs - just so we know you exist!

I really appreciate the blogs I read and know how much time and effort they take to maintain. Therefore next week, to show my appreciation, I am going to comment on every post that I read - so if you are on my blog roll and you post next week, I will leave you a comment.
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Ariel said...

Oh, yes. I'm guilty of comment fatigue also. I've been reading everyone's posts, just not commenting on a regular basis.

I'll follow your lead this week and comment on everyone's post that I read.

Thanks for the post, Sue!

Felicia said...

Not so much comment fatigue for me as limited time. I do read all the blogs on my blog roll regularly, but often don't have time right then to give it the detailed comment it deserves. I try to come back, but never seem to make it! Perhaps I just need a few more hours in a day :-)

Indomitable Spirit said...

Hi Sue

Guilty as charged at the moment, I'm afraid!

In the main I've been distracted by the stuff going on in my own life, so much so that there's times I don't write in my own blog, let alone comment on anyone else's.

Like Felicia I always mean to go back and comment but then the moment passes .... more effort clearly required.

I still enjoy reading your blog though!



Frank said...

I usually try to comment, when I'm around. Life, especially during the summer, is crazy busy, and training is just going along fairly uneventfully, so I'm not around nearly as often. Your blog is one that I make a point of reading. :-)

sandman said...

I just got home from a couple weeks' vacation and have been sort of speed reading to get caught up on my favorite blogs - and neglecting to comment. Thanks for the timely reminder - I know where you're coming from, as I love to read comments to my blog as well.

Keep kicking ass, Sue :-)

John W. Zimmer said...

Hey Sue,

I usually comment if I connect to a post. Not that most posts on most blogs are not interesting but if it moves me and I can add to the discussions - I'll comment. By the way this is me commenting. :)

Prof. Guilherme Fauque said...

Oh, give yourself by satisfied! My blog don't have comments for a long time - lol. Your blog always have some comments... I think that everyone that read our blog, at least, could leave some words like: I hate your text, or I like your text... I discord, I concord, and so on, LOL.

You know, this comments inspire us to continue writing.

I don't think that a martial artist must be an anencephalic moutain of muscles, but in addition to his/her fighter side, we must be a refined, and inteligent person too. Because of this I like to read your blog and to write my blog too.

Sue C said...

Ariel, I'll look forwards to reading your comments in the blogosphere this week! May be I'll comment on your comments! :-)

Felicia, I appreciate the time pressure problem - it takes time to compose comments. It's reassurring to know you still get time to reading the blogs at least.

Avril, I appreciate you've had a lot of problems recently. It's remiss of me not to leave you a comment about it. Hope your mum's condition improves.

Frank, Life's definitely busy at this time of year. You always sound like you're enjoying yourself on your blog. It's nice to swap notes with a fellow student.

Sandman, just realised you're not in my blog roll! you'll be there by the end of the day.

John, I appeciate that you don't want to comment on everything. I'll try and 'move' you more in future :-)

Guilherme, I agree. I don't expect every comment to be in agreement with me. I welcome challenging comments. I'm having some problems reading your blog at the moment because I've lost the google translator. Don't know what happened but I'll try and sort it out!

Michele said...


Thanks for reminder!

Lately, I have been reading but leaving less comments. This time of year is extra daughter's school events, projects at home (replacing roofs)or working with students on their testing material.

You are right about the importance of comments for bloggers. I appreciate receiving comments on my posts.

Thanks again for the reminder!

Prof. Guilherme Fauque said...


I put on the right corner one translator to various languages, I think can be very useful when I had no time to write in english.

Anonymous said...

I'd say we're not judging from the replies to this post. Too much commenting is a serious waste of time, as are comments that aren't thought through or just plain stupid.

Out of curiosity: just how many hours a week do you spend maintaining this blog and reading/replying to others? I've been asked why I don't start a blog too but it seems such a hassle and I'm wondering whether it's really worth it: time spent vs insights gained, I'm assuming you're not so vain as to do it for the attention. Besides some of the knowledge I have is too valuable to me to share with just anyone and I refuse to waste people's time with re-hashed, outdated or plain mediocre stuff (when reading a lot of these blogs the word 'duh' comes to mind fairly often). A lot of people really should spend more time training and less time yakking... A lull in the comments might actually be a good thing then. Plus: how do you know whether the material you're offered is worth anything, a waste of time or even worse: detrimental to your growth? If you would you didn't need it in the first place and if you're doubting ask your sensei or find out by experimenting. Sometimes I really doubt the value of all these blogs, especially by beginners and people spouting information that is either plain wrong, completely irrelevant or just not thought through. Not to say that I haven't found truly knowledgeable people and gems of truth online (if I hadn't I would have given up long ago) but the useless babble and pseudo-information you have to wade through to get to them.

Nietzsche was right: so much of what is written is foul, wrong and useless and it's almost a crime against culture these people are allowed to write and litter the world with their stillborn or deformed children of spirit.

"Of all that is written, I love only what a person hath written with his blood. Write with blood, and thou wilt find that blood is spirit.

It is no easy task to understand unfamiliar blood; I hate the reading idlers.

He who knoweth the reader, doeth nothing more for the reader. Another century of readers—and spirit itself will stink.

Every one being allowed to learn to read, ruineth in the long run not only writing but also thinking.

Once spirit was God, then it became man, and now it even becometh populace."

Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus spake Zarathustra, of reading and writing

Guess what: the internet has only made this worse, and then they call this the 'information age'.

Sue C said...

Hi Michele, I appeciate its a busy time of year, both my sons are busy with exams at the moment so we are up to our eyes with revision stress!

Sue C said...

Guilherme, thanks for the translator on your blog - now I can do some catching up!

Sue C said...

Zara, please don't feel obliged to read my blog or comment on it if it's not to your taste - I'd hate to waste your time!

Sue C said...

Dear all,

I feel a little bit like the headmistress calling you all into the office! I didn't mean to sound like I was telling you all off. My post was more to give me a kick up the backside and make a pledge to leave you more comments.

However, it is reassuring to know you are all still reading my blog even if you don't have time to leave comments. Thank you.

sandman said...

No worries Sue - I don't think anyone here (except for "anonymous" maybe...) took it as a scolding - it was a nice reminder. :-)

Sue C said...

Sandman, thanks for the reassuring words.


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