Monday, 12 September 2011

Let me introduce you.....

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I have been a blogger for an on-line martial arts newspaper for the last two and a half years. The newspaper is called Martial News and is written and published from the North East of England. Martial News is unique in that it remains wholly a newspaper rather than a magazine. It publishes local, national and international news stories as well as feature articles and of course, the blogs.

About three months ago the Editor asked me if I would become the Blog-Editor-in-Chief for Martial News, an opportunity I jumped at! I have been busy these last few weeks setting up new blog platforms for all our blogs (10 in total) and transferring archive material to them. I am just about there with sorting everything out and thought I would introduce you to our blogs and bloggers (okay, so it's a shameless plug!)

Aikido Extras. This blog is written by Sensei Peter Seth, a 3rd dan Aikido expert who runs the Zanshin Aikido club at Sunderland University. Peter is also the founder and organiser of the Great Northern International Festival of Martial Arts, an annual event that I have attended for the last 3 years and is great fun and raises money for Cancer Research UK. Peter writes some fascinating articles about the journey we all make within ourselves as we endeavour to get to grips with what it is to become a true martial artist. Peter is always a great source of inspiration to me.

Below the Belt. This blog is written by Martial News Editor Phil Doherty. Phil is a founding member of DFM Martial Arts which teaches a type of street combat called Directional Fighting Method as well as DFM Reivers MMA and DFM kickboxing. He is also a Senior Conflict Resolution Trainer. Phil is an experienced journalist by profession and set up Martial News two years ago to plug a gap in the market and to raise money for charity. He uses his blog, partly as an editorial column, partly to promote local martial arts events but also to air his own views and knowledge about martial arts.

Black Belt Adventure. Okay, so this is written by yours truly! You may recognise some of my posts as I often post the same material on both blogs! However I do occasionally write something original for this blog so can you risk not looking?

Core Reality. Author, Paul Green our newest and, currently, our only non British blogger. An American, Paul is the founder of Stonewall Tactical Defense Systems. Having achieved black belts in several traditional arts, including receiving his 6th dan in jujitsu recently; he has served as the technical director of the American Budo Society and served as the special projects director for the international combatives and self defense association (ICSDA). He writes on a range of tactical subjects.

Kobudo Korner. Written by Sensei David Macintyre, a 5th dan in both Shukokai karate and kobudo. He runs his own karate and kobudo club.  David writes on a variety of  karate and kobudo related topics, often based on his own experiences.

Martin Clarke on Sambo. Martin has an impressive sports record: he has won over 300 medals in Judo, Sambo, Olympic and Power weightlifting, Jiu-jitsu and amateur wrestling! He has represented Great Britain at judo, jiu-jitsu and sambo wrestling and was a member of the Olympic Judo squad from 1978 to 1980. With such an impressive record he is a man who very much likes to speak his mind in his blog posts and doesn't hold back any punches!

Ninjutsu Uncovered. Blog author, John Atkin, is a top ninjutsu, jujitsu, MMA and kickboxing instructor  and boxing coach.  He owns and runs the Advanced Fighting Centre in Newcastle in the north of England.  John is also a man who has earned the right to have strong opinions, often writing about his own experiences of martial arts and his views on the state of martial arts today.

Reality Bites. This blog is written by John Barrass with occasional contributions from his assistant instructor Matt Chadwick. John is the founder and senior instructor of the Evasive Self-Defence Combat System (ESDCS). He is a 4th dan in jujitsu and holds other dan grades in Wado Ryu karate, Aikido and Kenjutsu.
John writes about modern day combat arts but always with an eye on the importance of the traditional arts that underpin them.

Reality Check. Author, Chris Turnbull, is a modern day combat specialist. He has trained in boxing, kickboxing and MMA. His expertise is in Street Combat, with knowledge honed from more than 15 years working on the doors in clubs, pubs and events. He writes on a variety of topics related to effective street combat for the real world.

Street Edge. Stuart Rider, the blog author, runs his own self-defence and protection martial art called Rider Martial Arts which is a combination of the many systems he has learned over the years. He writes on the principles and strategies of his art.

I hope you enjoy reading our blogs and will consider adding some of them to your blog lists.

Martial News is planning to expand into the United States next year. This will be called Martial News USA and will focus on the clubs on the eastern seaboard from New England down to Florida.

Phil Doherty said: "Once the beach head is established we will be rolling it out through the States until we have different editions across the country."
I'll keep you posted on developments!

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Charles James said...

Interestingly cool!

Sue C said...

Thanks Charles! I hope your interest translates into visiting some of those blogs ;-)

Charles James said...

It will.

Journeyman said...

Congratulations. That must be quite a bit of work. Good for you. You've given me lots to read. Thanks.

Sue C said...

Hi Journeyman, its taken a lot of my time up recently which is why you not heard much from me recently. Things should get a little easier from now on - I hope!


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