Saturday, 23 October 2010

kids having fun!

I had this afternoon free (and all to myself), so I wanted to blog. Unfortunately I had a case of writer's block. So I read all your latest posts, looking for inspiration - alas nothing!

Then I remembered a post I had written a while ago called "Martial Arts block vs Writer's block". I re-read this and decided to take some of my own advice. I had suggested that if you are really stuck try writing in a different genre - a poem for instance.

I was also interested in Micheles latest post on "Should karate class be fun?" . Clearly what children think is fun is not necessarily what Sensei thinks is fun!

With this in mind I decided to write a poem! It's in the style of a Villanelle, though the structure is not perfect (I'm a beginner). Any way here it is:
Kids having fun
They just want to skip and run,
When they should be standing still.
Well at least they’re having fun.

Sensei chants the dojo kun,
Their cups he hopes to fill.
They just want to skip and run.

“Quiet now, the lesson’s begun.”
Their kiai’s are so shrill!
Well at least they’re having fun.

“Listen! Or my works undone,”
Says Sensei with a chill.
They just want to skip and run.

With blocks, strikes and kicks all done,
Sensei starts a drill.
Now at least he’s having fun.

One minute! Then they’ll be gone,
Having dragged Sensei through the mill!
They just want to skip and run
Well at least they’re having fun!

  Not brilliant, I know, but I hope it brought a smile!

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Michele said...

Nice poem Sue! :)

sandman said...

Cute :-)

Ninjutsu Training said...

Awww. That's adorable.

. said...

LOL Sue. That made me smile this morning, especially after grading last night where the kids near deafened me with their new ultrasonic Kiai's! Shrill is an understatement! LOL.


Sue C said...

Thanks guys! At least it seems to have got me over my writer's block so I probably won't need to inflict another poem on you for a while!


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