Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Great Northern International Festival of Martial Arts 10

This post is to plug a Martial Arts Festival that is taking place on May 8th 2010. The reason I’m plugging it is because it is aiming to raise money for Cancer Research UK. The festival will be in its 10th year this year and will be attracting clubs from all over the UK and China.

Its founder and organiser is Peter Seth (4th Dan) who runs the Sunderland University (Zanshin) Aikido club. According to Peter the aims of the festival are to:

• Raise much needed funds for Cancer Research UK as well as public awareness of the role the North East of England plays in international research into this disease which has now taken over from heart disease as the number one killer in this country.

• To bring together various Martial Arts groups from the local area, nationally and internationally, to, in a very positive way, demonstrate their arts and foster friendship and an awareness that they are part of a much larger Martial Arts ‘family’.

• Increase public awareness as to the variety and very high standards of Martial Arts practiced both locally and also in the wider arena.
(The North East of England has many Martial Artists who have attained national, international and world champion status),

• Provide a forum for young Martial Artists to display their skills and develop pride and confidence both in themselves and their respective arts. Also encourage people to become involved in the martial arts with its many positive benefits.

• Have an entertaining, educational, spectacular and fun day out for everyone.

The event will feature demonstrations from judo, jujitsu, karate (shotokan and wado ryu), taekwondo, aikido, kobudo, Awasa/Saburi/Kumitachi Waza, Capoeira, Taiji, Japanese Sword, Directional Fighting Method, kung fu, kick boxing, European (Historical) Fighting Systems and of course : Lion Dancers.

This year there will also be a variety of taster sessions for both martial artists and members of the general public.

I attended last year’s festival and had a thoroughly good time – the variety and quality of demonstrations was very high, I think there were four world champions there! I am hoping to be there again this year so if you can get to Sunderland why not come along as well?

Here are the essential details:
Title: The Great Northern International Festival of Martial Arts 10
Date: Saturday 8th May 2010
Venue: Seaburn Leisure Centre, Sunderland
Time: 10.00am – 4.30 pm
Cost: Adults £4.50, Under 14’s/Senior Citizen £3.00, Family (2+2) £12.00

For tickets or further information contact: Peter Seth
Email: pseth@yahoo.co.uk

To raise money for Cancer research this festival needs as much publicity as possible so remember to tell your club about it – feel free to copy and print the poster at the top of this post.

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Steve said...

That sounds very cool. I wish I were in the area... or even on the same continent! :)

Sue C said...

Hi Steve, welcome to my blog! I love MA festivals - it's a chance to see what everybody else is up to, shame you can't come.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a very interesting and varied seminar, not too pricey and surely for a lofty goal. I have to agree with steve: although I do live on the same continent (surely true Englishmen will disagree :) it would go a bit far to cross the channel to train just one day.

Have fun at the festival,


PS: jee, I actually managed to put up a comment that isn't confrontational, how about that? :)

Sue C said...

Hi Zara - you must be going soft! :-)

Nicola said...

Hi Sue,

I don't know if my club know about this, but will pass the word around and try and get up there, looks very interesting, thank you !

Sue C said...

Hi Nicola, you're welcome - hope you can make it to the festival. Thanks for calling by my blog


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