Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Dropping the 'Kick Ass'!

I hope you like the changes to my blog! Apart from a few aesthetic changes, the main change you will have noticed is the change to my blog title.

I feel I should offer an explanation for this change. In fact there are several reasons. First, I thought the previous title was a bit long - it was almost two titles in one! Secondly, I got the feeling that some people didn't like the 'kick ass' part of the title judging by the variations of my blog title in their blog lists. I've been listed as anything from 'kick ... SueC -Journey to Black Belt' to just 'SueC'! I think some of you just found my title to long and others just didn't like the 'A..' word.

However, my primary reason for dropping the 'Kick Ass SueC' is the fact that my blog frequently appears in the results for searches on pornography, particularly when the words 'black ass porn' are used in a search engine. I DON'T LIKE THIS. I don't want my blog to be associated with porn and I'm sure the people stumbling across my blog in this way are bitterly disappointed when they realise I am a clean living girl writing innocently about martial arts!

You might be wondering how I know my blog frequently turns up on searches for porn. Well, there is a stats program embedded in my blog provided by 'StatCounter.com' which not only monitors the traffic to my blog but is able to tell me what words people are searching on to find my blog. You can download this stats program for free if you want to monitor the traffic visiting your blog.

Things that haven't changed are my URL which remains as kickasssuec.blogspot.com and my username which remains as SueC so you shouldn't have any difficulty navigating to my blog.

I hope you approve of this name change (or at least don't disapprove) and understand my reasons for making it. I have now called it 'My journey to black belt' rather than just 'Journey to black belt' to reflect the personal nature of a martial arts journey. We are all on unique paths. My blog description invites you to 'walk with me and talk with me as I follow the budo path'. I value very much the 'conversations' we all have through our posts and comments to each other and hope that you will continue to share my journey with me.

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John W. Zimmer said...

Hi Sue,

Funny but I did not think about the porn association but that makes sense.

As I am living in America and I am in my 50's, words such ass and other of the same ilk still bring color to my face.

Have you noticed that whenever you have commented on my page - it ended up in my moderation cue? That’s because "ass" is one of my no no words.

I've noticed European folk are more plain spoken than I am.

Anyway I thought you might appreciate my observations.

Michele said...

Hi Sue,

The search engine issue...Yikes! Most of my blog searches are related to knee noises, creaking, squeaking, popping etc. One of my most popular search items is "In The Kitchen With Bob". I mentioned this QVC show one time in one post. Go figure...

I updated my blogroll to reflect your blog name change.


Felicia said...

I always LIKED the "Kick Ass" part - but I will change my blog roll accordingly...

I like the new look and really - what's in a name? You'll still be kicking booty whether it's in your title or not. Just keep on writing, my dear :-)

Sue C said...

Hi John - I do appreciate your observations. I'm so embarassed to have been one of your no no words!Still that's all behind us now (no pun intended):-)

Hi Michele - thanks for updating your blogroll. It's strange how search engines get fixated on one or two words you happen to use just once or twice!

Hi Felicia - hopefully what I write about is more interesting that what I'm called anyway - thanks for updating your blogroll

Indomitable Spirit said...

Hi Sue

Likewise I have updated my blogroll, although I've never thought much about the "kick ass" part! I like the new look though.



Sue C said...

Thanks Avril. It never occured to me that I would have to update my details on every blog catelogue that I am registered with! It's taking aaaages :-(

Matt said...

Nice changes! Things are looking good here.

Sue C said...

Thanks Matt

SenseiMattKlein said...

Probably wise that you changed it Sue. Those old farts like John Zimmer and myself might get offended, God forbid. Site looks great!


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